VHC Collagen Skin Concentrate Ampoules 🤩
• It is the latest in cosmetic medicine in eliminating wrinkles and unpleasant lines on the face and the body in general, and it is a unique topical serum made in Germany with superior quality and contains marine collagen that reduces skin wrinkles and increases the elasticity of the skin naturally and smooths it as it contains hyaluronate Sodium and panthenol moisturize the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of the skin
Use once a day
Suitable for all skin types

  • VHC Collagen Ampoule Essence 10 Ampoules X 2 MLManufacturer Number : 4260132325914
  • Category Type : Face & Neck
  • Suitable Skin Type : All Skin Type
  • Texture : Serum
  • Is this a Dangerous Good or a Hazardous Material, Substance or Waste that is regulated for transportation, storage, and or disposal? : 0
  • Type : Skin Care Sets
  • Are batteries needed to power the product or is this product a battery : 0
  • Size : 20 ml

VHC Collagen Skin Concentrate Ampoules 🤩