DependEyelash Nourishment/Serum5 g

The product has expired and can no longer be ordered.


Product Description Eyelash Nourishment / Serum 5 g Depend Brow & Eyelash Serum

Colour Transparent
Volume 5g
Depend Eyelash Nourishment / Serum is used to protect and build up lashes for daily make-up from makeup, etc. The industry consists of vegetable oils and is enriched with keratin which actively strengthens the lashes so that they have the ability to grow long and dense.

This flip-flop / serum does not contain any of the substances that the Swedish Medicines Agency has examined and banned. The product has been inspected by the Swedish Medicines Agency and the content of products has been approved.

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  • Use Depend Eyelash Nourishment to protect and restore your eyelashes after the daily wear and tear of make-up and hot tongs etc.
  • The nourisher is a blend of vegetable oils enriched with keratin, which acts to strengthen your eyelashes so that they can grow long and fine.
  • Apply daily as required (but not together with mascara, however), and the best time is at night.