HYLO-COMOD eye drops 10ml The classic among the therapies for dry eyes Hyaluronic acid – guarantees optimal moistening The naturally occurring body’s own hyaluronic acid is best suited for permanent and intensive moistening of the eye. Due to its chemical structure, hyaluronic acid binds a multiple of its own weight in water and retains it. Hyaluronic acid adheres excellently to the ocular surface and creates a stable and even moisture film. Preservative-free and phosphate-free in the patented COMOD®-system Preservatives, which are supposed to keep the eye drops free of germs during storage and application, damage the cells of the ocular surface. These substances destroy the natural tear film and they can also be the cause of intolerance reactions. Therefore, modern tear substitute preparations are entirely free of preservatives. In HYLO-COMOD®, the patented COMOD® multiple dose system prevents a contamination of the solution by microorganisms.Apart from preservatives, eye drops often contain phosphates which can exert detrimental influence. Due to the reaction with calcium, which is released from the cells of the irritated cornea, pratically insoluble crystals can be created which deteriorate vision. Therefore, eye drops that are used for the treatment of dry and irritated eyes should not contain any phosphate. HYLO-COMOD® is entirely free from phosphates and thus excludes the risk of crystal formation.