Indication of Lomexin

This medication is local treatment for genital thrush (infections from microscopic fungus) infected by Gram+ bacteria.

How to take this drug

The capsule must be put into the vaginal, preferably in the lying down position.
Supplementary treatment is available but depends on each case.


One suppository capsule of 600mg at bedtime.
Practical advice
- Thrush: use a neutral pH or alkaline soap for showering.
There are certain hygiene advice to reduce the factors that will bring the infection back (wear cotton pans, avoid vaginal washes...). Do not stop treatment during periods.
To treat vulva or perianal of mycosis it is recommended to also use a anti-fungal cream or milk for local use.

Frequency of dose

One capsule at bedtime in the vagina.
In case of repeated mycosis, taking this capsule can be repeated after 3 days.


Active Ingredient:
Fenticonazole nitrate: 600.0 mg
Quantity of fenticonazole base: 527.1 mg
Per soft vaginal capsule.
Other ingredients:
Liquid paraffin, light liquid paraffin, soya lecithin, gelatine, glycerol, titanium dioxide (E171), soda ethyl parahydroxybenzoate, soda propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E217).


This drug is in the form of a soft vaginal capsule. Box of 1 or 2 soft vaginal capsules.

Precautions for use

Do not an acid soap for local hygiene (this increases the fungus). How to take this drug
This treatment can cause local burning feeling and an increase in itching. These symptoms stop after treatment. If symptoms persist after 24-48 hours, consult your doctor.

Special warnings
The local treatment is an only an element of treatment. To avoid it coming back, research the cause factors.
This drug contains parahydroxybenzoate and can cause local skin reactions.


Do not use LOMEXIN 600mg soft capsule in the following cases:
- allergy to one of the ingredients
- if you use male condoms or latex diaphragms
- if you are allergic to peanuts or soya due to the soya lecithin content

Interactions with other drugs

Do not use with condoms or latex diaphragms (risk of breaking).
Do not use with spermicide products.

Pregnancy and breast feeding

It is not recommended to use this drug during pregnancy.
If you discover that you’re pregnant during the treatment, consult your doctor who is the only person who can judge whether the drug should be continued.
During pregnancy and breast feeding it is always recommended to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any type of drug.

Side effects

Like all drugs LOMEXIN 600 mg soft capsule can cause side effects (this will not affect everyone):
- burning feeling, itching, allergy.
If you notice side effects that are not mentioned here, or if certain side effects become more severe, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Symptoms and instructions in case of overdose

Not applicable.

Storage conditions

No specific storage precautions.

If your symptoms persist, consult your doctor.