Plant extract

What is PERMIXON prescribed for?

This medicine contains a plant extract which has decongestant properties on the urinary tract. It slows down the action of the male hormone on the prostate, helping to delay the development of prostate adenomas.

It is used to treat urinary disorders associated with an adenoma of the prostate.

You can consult the following article (s):

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Presentations of the drug PERMIXON

PERMIXON  : capsule (green); box of 60
- Refundable at 30% -  Price: € 26.69.
PERMIXON  : capsule (green); box of 180
- Refundable at 30% -  Price: € 73.26.

Composition of the drug PERMIXON

  p gel
Serenoa repens, lipidosterol extract 160 mg
Active substance: Serenoa repens lipidosterol extract
Excipients: Yellow iron oxide, Gelatin, Indigotine, Macrogol 10,000, Titanium dioxide


If the problems persist, talk to your doctor.

This medication cannot cure a prostate adenoma; in case of progressive or sudden blockage of urine, consult your doctor urgently.

Instructions for use and dosage of the drug PERMIXON

This medication should be taken with meals to avoid possible nausea.

Usual dosage: