Betadine Feminine Wash is scientifically proven to eliminate unfriendly bacteria and fungi that can cause feminine discomforts. It contains prebiotic that nourishes and supports the growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection.

BETADINE Feminine Wash contains Tri-Care™. This is a proprietary formulation with soap free ingredients to enrich your intimate area with daily triple protection against itch, odour, and stickiness to keep your intimate area fresh and healthy. Mild surfactants, No parabens, No colorants.

Formulated with TriCare that is made up of 3 natural ingredients and promote pH balance. Natural extract that provides effective odour neutralization. Natural anti-oxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture. Natural active ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces skin redness and irritation. Germicidal Booster effect

Pour on your moist hands. Apply BETADINE Feminine Wash on the intimate area. Rinse thoroughly. A gentle formulation suitable for daily use including menses.

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