Each tablet contains:

  • Silicone dioxide 2 mg.
  • Activated Dimethylpoly siloxane (Dimethicone) 40 mg.

It is used in the treatment of conditions in which accumulation of gases in the gastro-intestinal tract is a problem. This occurs in:

  • Air swallowing (aerophagy, eructateonervosa) met with in women about the menopause and in some neurotic men
  • True gastric flatulence occurs in many forms of gastric disorders, the latter comprise cases in which fermentation occurs as in pylore- du- odenal forms of functional disorders of the stomach.
  • Intestinal flatulence, occuring in :
    • Colonic dysfunction associated with constipation particularly in caSRS of irritable colon.
    • Any type of indigestion associated with excessive gas formation such as carbohydrate dyspepsia. chronic pancreatic insufficiency, chronic enteritis, deficiency states and affections of the liver and biliary passag- es.
    • Intestinal obstruction cases and post-operative gas pains
    • For elimination of gas. air foam from Intestinal tract prior to radiogra- phy. Administration of DISFLATYL before chOlecystography, pyelogra- phy and gastroscopy will be of great value.
    • As an adjuvant in treatment of peptic ulcer.

Dose and adminstration:
1-2 tablets to be chewed after meals and at bed time. Before roent genography DISFLATYL should be taken in this manner for 2-3 days.