What does Klacid IV infusion ?
The name of your medicine is Klacid IV infusion . Klacid IV infusion is a powder for solution for infusion. Each vial Klacid IV infusion contains 500 mg of powdery clarithtomycin – active substance with white to almost white color. When reconstituted with 10 ml of water for injection, each ml of solution contains 50 mg clarithtomycin. Then performed for further dilution infusion. It contains the lactobionic acid , and that helps to dissolve clarithtomycin. Klacid IV is a macrolide antibiotic . Antibiotics stop the growth of bacteria ( germs ) that cause infections. Administration of the drug is described below .

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What applies Klacid IV infusion ?
It is used in cases where appropriate intravenous ( by injection) treatment of infections, such as :

1. Lung infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia
2 . Ear infections, throat and sinuses
3 . Skin and tissue infections
Before starting treatment with Klacid IV infusion
Tell your doctor if you know you are allergic to clarithtomycin or other macrolide antibiotics such as erythromycin or azithromycin, or any of the other ingredients of the medicine.
While receiving treatment Klacid IV infusion , do not take ergotamine or dihydroergotamine tablets do not use inhaled ergotamine in migraine . Seek the advice of a physician about alternative medications.
Do not take terfenadine or astemizole ( widely used medicines for hay fever or allergies) or cisapride or pimozide, while being treated with Klacid IV infusion as the combination of these drugs can sometimes cause serious disturbances in heart rhythm .
Contact your doctor or pharmacist who can advise what alternative medicines you can take instead of these . Tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems , as you may need the doctor to adjust the dosage of Klacid IV infusion .
If you get severe or persistent diarrhea during or after the infusion of Klacid IV infusion , immediately contact your doctor .
If you are pregnant or nursing , consult your doctor before starting treatment with Klacid IV infusion as safety Klacid IV infusion during pregnancy and lactation has not been adequately studied.
Infusing Klacid IV infusion
Klacid IV infusion is prepared as a dry powder in the vial is reconstituted with sterile water. The resulting solution was added to a larger volume of sterile liquid and then slowly infused intravenously for at least one hour . The usual dosage of Klacid IV infusion in adults is 1.0 g administered twice daily for 2 to 5 days. The doctor will determine the appropriate dosage for your case.
Klacid IV infusion should not be used in children . The doctor will prescribe your child a suitable drug . If a child accidentally swallows some of this medicine seek emergency medical attention . Overdose Klacid IV infusion may cause vomiting and stomach pains.
What problems can create a confluence of Klacid IV infusion ?
Klacid IV infusion can sometimes cause pain and swelling at the injection site .
Klacid IV infusion may also cause stomach problems such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, indigestion or diarrhea. If you develop severe or persistent diarrhea during or after the infusion of Klacid IV infusion , immediately contact a doctor . There have been reports of headaches .
Upon oral administration of clarithromycin has been reported allergic reactions including rashes. In very rare cases can occur difficulty breathing , fainting or swelling of the face and throat, which require emergency treatment. Allergic rashes can vary in severity from mild itchy skin rash to a more frequent and more severe condition called Syndrome Stevens – Johnons, which can cause ulcers in the mouth, lips and skin. Some people taking Klacid IV infusion may notice strange taste in your mouth or change the taste and smell sensations . These are only transient effects . Very rarely become discolored teeth , but usually it can be removed by professional cleaning by a dentist . When treated with Klacid IV reported and inflammation in the mouth, swelling of the tongue and ” thrush ” in the mouth.
If during treatment with Klacid IV infusion you take a blood sample , it may show elevations of hepatic enzymes. These levels usually return to normal and is unlikely to show any symptoms . However , Klacid IV infusion may rarely cause jaundice and other liver or biliary disorders , so, if you feel unwell or show yellowing of the skin and / or eyes or light stools and dark urine , contact immediately the doctor .
Has been reported to increase the levels of the proteins that are normally excreted by the kidneys.
Sometimes blood tests may show low levels of white blood cells. There are reports of temporary hearing loss, usually reversible upon discontinuation of therapy.
Rare cases of dizziness, ” ringing ” in the ears ( tinnitus) , sleep problems , hallucinations , nightmares , confusion , aggressive and unstable behavior, feelings of unreality , disorientation, panic. These effects are usually transient and rapid resolution . Very rarely, seizures due to low blood sugar, and disturbances in mood and behavior , which in severe cases requiring hospitalization.
In very rare cases some patients may experience unexpected bumps and prolongation of clotting at injury. There have been rare reports of changes in heart rhythm.
Consult a doctor immediately if you develop any of these problems or have other unexpected or unusual symptoms.
How to store Klacid IV infusion ?
The powder in the vial should be stored at 30 ° C, protected from light. The reconstituted solution can be stored up to 24 hours at 2 ° C- 8 ° C. Box and vial printed expiration date . Do not use after expiry date.
Remember that this medicine is only for you.
NEVER give it to others. It may harm them, even if their symptoms are the same as yours.
If you have questions about treatment , which are not answered in this leaflet, contact your doctor or pharmacist.




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