• Gluten free
  • Source of protein – cow’s milk
  • Fortified with iron
  • Has an adapted protein content

Novalac 1 is an infant formula suitable for feeding infants from birth to 6 months when breast feeding is not applied. It’s a special formula is fortified with iron and has an adapted protein content

Novalac N1 is the standard formula adapted for feeding infants from 0-6 months when breastfeeding is not applied or not sufficient. Novalac 1 closely matches the nutritional profile of breast milk, thus securing optimal growth and better development of your baby.

Close tin tightly and store it in a cool, dry place

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size per 100g
Amount per serving  
Calories 505  
  % Daily Value
Total Fat 25.5g  
Saturated Fat 13.1g  
Total Carbohydrate 57.8g  
Sugars 41.1g  
Protein 11g  

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2.000 calorie diet.

Novalac 1 & 2 ensures all nutrients for your baby during the first 6 months of life:

•    Adapted protein profile
•    Right balance of carbohydrates and fats
•    Rich in essential fatty acid
•    Full range of vitamins and minerals
•    Enriched with iron and supplemented with taurine for a better brain development
•    Sucrose free
•    Gluten free


Novalac N1 (0-6 Months) &

N2 (6-12 Months)


Basic Product Information
For Who (Gender) Both (He & She)
Age Group Infant
How to Use Oral Use
Why to Use Supplement
Product Form Powder
Sub Categories Baby Milk