1- It is strictly forbidden to drink this drink by those who suffer from an hypersensitivity to one of the active substances in it, especially the two substances troprolidine and pseudoephedrine.

2- Having diabetes.

3- Infection with glaucoma.

4- Enlarged prostate or urinary retention.

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5- An increase in thyroid gland secretions.

6- This drink cannot be taken in conjunction with any MAOI inhibitor.

7- It is strictly forbidden to drink this drink by children under six years of age, as this medicine is not intended for them.

8- Heart disease or pressure.

9- Infection with liver or kidney functions.

10- Infection with diabetes.

Drink tripofeed syrup during pregnancy and lactation

So far there are not enough studies on the health or possibility of taking this drink by pregnant and lactating women, and for this it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor before proceeding to take this drink, and must follow the instructions and instructions of the doctor carefully.

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Drug interactions with Tripofed

In general, it is necessary to inform the doctor of all medications that are taken before proceeding to use this drink, especially medicines such as:

1- All medicines that have a sympathetic effect to relieve congestion.

2- Appetite suppressing drugs.

3- Psychological stimuli.

4- Anti-allergic drugs.

5- Central nervous system depressants.

6- All medicines that work to lower blood pressure and have a sympathetic effect, such as inhibitors of alpha, beta and adrenaline receptors.

For Cold Symptoms & Productive Cough

Tripofed Expectorant Syrup

100 ml